This assessment is designed to accommodate both the individual that partake in sport activities and the they whom are experiencing general muscular fatigue and discomfort.

This assessment is concerned with how the body moves and whether the body is experiencing any restrictions in the joints and to identify any musculoskeletal developments that might influence the optimal use of a muscle, the assessment is accompanied with an appropriate treatment plan to insure the best outcome possible.

What to expect

Subjective Assessment– The Therapist will conduct a verbal consultation with the client to gather relevant information in regards to their personal health, injuries, symptoms and aim of treatment.

Objective Assessment– This part of the assessment the Therapist will conduct a postural assessment, physical examination (palpations) and movement patterns of all major joints.


At the end of the assessment a client will exactly know where potential problems are and what might be the cause current symptoms. The client will receive a treatment plan which will be send via email.

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